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Years Work Experience in Manufacturing Hardware Materials

Since its inception in 1952, Sitara Factory has grown exponentially, becoming the industry leader in manufacturing Hardware Materials.

Our values encompass quality, innovation, technological excellence, and most importantly, customer satisfaction. Our dedicated workforce and management work tirelessly to produce the highest quality hardware products.

Our manufacturing plant houses cutting-edge machinery and technology for all production stages, supervised with the most stringent quality control checks. The company’s primary catalog includes Bearing hinges, Piano hinges, Drawer slides etc. all of which maintain the highest quality, finish, and durability standards.

Furthermore, our extensive catalog includes premium quality door hardware such as door locks, window and cabinet fittings and now introducing our own Paint line which includes Emulsion, Enamel, weather shield etc. Our customers keep coming back for our product’s high value for money.

From casting to packing, our dedicated team ensures that each unit is flawless. Every manufacturing process is given a cross-quality check to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Our seven decades of exemplary production practices and impeccable quality have culminated in a vast supply network spread throughout the country.

We want to expand our roots worldwide by developing a global client base. To achieve this, our company is actively looking for business partners in the overseas market.

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