Drawer Slides

  • Description

Sitara Factory is the only company in Pakistan that manufactures drawer slides. We use highest possible grade metal sheets to manufacture drawer slides in Pakistan.
We use maximum ball bearings in our slides to reduce friction in the movement of drawer, that makes it more smooth and gives an extra support to the furniture.
We at sitara offers drawer slides in different qualities ranging from light duty drawer slides to heavy duty drawer slides depending of what kind of furniture you want to use, with different lengths.

  • Finishes

Zinc Plating

  • Quality

42 grams/inch (0.7mm)
Sizes: 10",12",14",16",18",20"

54 grams/inch (0.9mm)
Sizes: 10",12",14",16",18",20",22",24"

65 grams/inch(1.2mm)
Sizes: 10",12",14",16",18",20",22",24"

Drawer Slides

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