Rising Hinge

  • Description

Sitara factory introduces rising hinge, its a type of hinge that allows the door to rise slightly off the floor as the door is opened. It is most often used to keep the door from scraping on carpet or uneven flooring. Using a rising hinge can also help a door to close automatically.
Rising hinges are used in the dining room, drawing-room – or on other internal doors where there is carpet fitted. These hinges are designed so that when the door is opened, it raises high enough to clear the thickness of the carpet.
Sitara factory offers two types of rising hinges, right hand and left hand configuration, depending on which side you want to place the door opening.

  • Finishes

Antique brass(AB), Satin Brass(SB), Satin Nickel (SN), Super Antique Brass(SAB), Super Black (SBLK)

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Rising Hinge

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